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Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten – Virtual Early Learning Classes

New Sphere offers weekday virtual early learning classes to help your child prepare for Kindergarten, as well as virtual sessions for your 3-6 year old. This is a great opportunity to allow your child to experience a small-group class setting, make new relationships, and learn from professional teachers specializing in early childhood development. The programs include live sessions led by a qualified teacher, workbooks and printables, consistent classmates and teachers, parent support with 1:1 parent-teacher conferences, and SO MUCH MORE! Read below for all the details. (Pssst…use code WEARYMOM for 20% off the first month.)

Kinder Prep
New Sphere offers amazing programs with outstanding benefits, which is the reason we decided to partner with them. Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you make a purchase and use the WEARYMOM discount code. However, this does not impact our excitement for what New Sphere has to offer.


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