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Mama’s Law

– As soon as you sit down on the toilet, a child will need you.

– As soon as you lie down to rest, the doorbell rings.

– As your tax refund goes into your account, your appliance goes out.

– The size you need will be the one out of stock.

-The kids will only be thirsty on your trip out when you don’t pack anything. When you do bring something they won’t be thirsty.

-When it’s quiet, it’s not good.

-Whatever you have thawing for dinner will be the same thing your husband had for lunch.

-You will find the exact item you need on the sale page, after you have bought a make-do.

-You will need whatever you threw out yesterday.

-Your vehicle will need major mechanical work the month after you finally pay it off.

-There’s that one ingredient missing from the recipe that you’ve already started.

-When ingredients come out, price goes up.

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